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White Wines



2011 Reserve Chardonnay $17.99

(dry) ~ With 100% barrel and malolactic fermentation, this is a true reserve! Rich with butter, the creamy finish is sure to please any Chardonnay lover.  Medal Winner!

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2012 Dry Riesling $15.99 NEW VINTAGE

Dry Riesling ~ A delicious crisp white wine with an exceptional high clean, lively acidity. Ideal for summer pairing with salads, fruits and light desserts.

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Diva    Diva $19.99

(semi-dry, 2.5% rs) ~ Our SPARKLING blend of Cayuga White and Chardonnay makes any occasion a celebration.

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    Gewurztraminer $15.99

Gewurztraminer 2012 (dry) $15.99/btl.)   Rich with low acidity, fruity yet dry w/spicy aromas of white melon and citrus.

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Buttonwood White   Buttonwood White $13.99 

(semi-dry, 2% rs) ~ 100% Vidal Blanc. This delicious table wine complements any smoked salmon, poultry, sushi, and Cobb salads.

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Cayuga Lake Mist   Cayuga Lake Mist  $11.99

(semi-dry, 3.6 rs) ~ One light, crisp Cayuga White will enhance your favorite sharp cheese or quich.

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  2012 Semi Dry Riesling  $15.99

(semi-dry, 4% rs) ~ Continuing the Finger Lakes tradition of fine Rieslings!  Juicy peach and apricot flavors with a clean, crisp finish.  The perfect compliment to grilled pork tenderloin or your favorite spicy dishes!

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  Morning Glory  $11.99

(r.s. 2%) Opulant and smooth peachy companion for your dinner or just plain sipping on the patio of a Summer afternoon.

750ml bottle
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  Trillium $10.99

(semi-sweet, 4% rs) Our popular sipping wine! A blend of Cayuga White, Melody & Riesling with a lively combination of citrus flavors and hints of fresh pineapple. Great with fruit and cheese!

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